Why It’s Important to Interact with Your Audience

A good brand – whether it’s a global household name or a solo entrepreneur – works on actively engaging their customers and prospects on a continual basis.

You may not have a “team” of people doing it for you, but it should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts when it comes to branding.

You want to be known as a brand who cares about people – about the products you promote.

You can project that attitude by interacting with people online.

Where do you engage with them?

In the comment area of your blog, it’s a great idea if you respond to every single person’s comment.

Someone was there and cared enough to leave you feedback or post a thought about what you blogged about. Consider it a common courtesy to respond to their thoughts!

Ask for their comment at the end of your blog post.

Another place you can engage prospects is in the comments of other people’s blogs. Don’t go trolling and looking for blogs in a spammy way, where it’s blatantly obvious that you’re just there to steal other people’s prospects.

Find people whose blogs you really do enjoy and then be a participant on the blog who delivers unheard of value.

People will begin to recognize you as part of that community and follow the link in your name.

On Twitter, avoid taking the spam route where everything you Tweet is a hyperlink to your sales page. Try branding yourself on there with the personality you want to project.

Make personalized Tweets about your life, not just business Tweets.

Make sure you participate in some reciprocation where you’re ReTweeting other people’s tweets – because they’ll do the same for you.

On Google Plus, you can attract people to your brand by sharing a multitude of media formats. You can also conduct Hangouts where you engage with your audience live!

On Facebook, you want to create a fan page or group where you can interact with your audience and share things with them.

Don’t make everything about your business opportunity.

You can be personal on these pages, but you can also pull in some complementary topics to your main discussion.

For example, let’s say you have a Facebook Fan Page about making money online.

Many of the people in this target audience are broke and desperate.

You might find a really good article online about saving money. You could share that there and initiate some dialogue about a specific tip you enjoyed.

This kind of thing brands you as someone who is looking out for your customers’ best interests. If someone shares something on your wall, make sure you pay attention and respond to them.

On forums, you have a great opportunity for branding – not only with your valuable posts and responses – but also through your signature file (if it’s allowed in the forum).

A signature file is a few lines that automatically appear beneath each of your responses on the forum. You’re usually allowed to hyperlink back to your domain or include a hyperlinked image such as a banner ad.

Brand yourself via email, too.

You’ll gain some branding through your response time and valuable answers but your email system should allow you to include hyperlinks and tag lines at the end of every response, too.

Live Your Tag Line

A tag line is kind of like your brand’s motto. What is it that you as a person want to be known for? Do you want to be the marketer who:

…has a sympathetic nature?
…is very blunt and honest with people?
…over-delivers in value?
…carefully scrutinizes everything before you recommend it?

Whatever you want people to think about you is what your brand’s tag line should be created around. Many marketers use a simple, “To your success” tag line (closing) at the end of every email and blog post.

This is kind of generic. It works and everything, but it’d be much better if you could come up with something that people remembered to associate with you and how you want to be known.

Before you start trying to develop your own attraction branding system, think of those who you yourself are attracted to in the world of online business.

What drew you to those people?

Don’t copy them, but emulate some of the elements they’re using to capture people’s interest and turn them into loyal fans!



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