Why It’s Important to Have a Clear Focus in Mind for Your Goals

If you ask people what they want, many of them will simply say they want to be successful. But if you ask them how they plan to achieve this success, they won’t have actionable goals.

If you have random milestones that are too broad, you won’t be able to reach those goals.

For example, if you have a bunch of goals like wanting to be successful financially, wanting your business to grow, wanting to be able to level up in your business, those goals are so broad, so all over the place, that you won’t be able to reach them.

Goals have to be broken down into actionable steps.

They can’t be so broad that they’re one-size-fits all.  Those types of goals don’t give you a road map.

They’re just contributing to your confusion and overwhelm.

If you say you want to make an extra $40,000 this year, that’s fine – but what are the steps that you’re going to take to get there?

You don’t make $40K overnight.  You make it by taking the smaller steps that lead you to that goal.

You need to define these smaller steps that end up feeding into your larger goal.

So instead of having a goal of making more money overall, set a goal of how much money you need to make each day or each week to meet that ultimate goal.

If you want to make an extra $40K, then you would need to bring in about $3,333 a month.  Break that down by how much you would need to bring in, in a week, which is about $833 or about $119 a day.

That’s what you focus your goal on because when you make that $119 a day, it feeds into the weekly goal which feeds into the ultimate goal.

And it’s not so overwhelming. $119 a day seems real possible now right!

If you have streams of income right now that aren’t moving you toward your goal, then you have to come up with a way to increase that income.

Here are a few ways you can move toward your income goal:

  • You can offer an informative eBook.
  • Offer paid tutorials in a members only forum.
  • Offer one-on-one coaching or perhaps group coaching in a Facebook group.
  • Teach courses on an online site such as Udemy or Skillshare.  You can even host courses on your own website.
  • Design and build other people’s WordPress websites.
  • Come up with ways to earn money online with your current skill set.

What you can’t do is sit down and think about your goal, plan it and then do nothing to move toward it.

Wishful thinking or hoping doesn’t lead to changes or results.

When you set actionable goals, it allows you to have a clear focus and helps you have the mindset to reach them.

You need deliberate goals in order to have a sense of direction.  It allows you to lead your life rather than to be led.

Plus, when you have actionable goals, it lets you keep track of your success.

You need to first determine what it is that you want.

You can’t set goals until you know what you want.

These goals should matter or mean something to you. They should be goals that you’re strongly driven toward.

Name exactly what you want. Break the issues down so that you can keep track of the goals in smaller, actionable steps.

Use deadlines for yourself.

If you know you want to make that $3,333 in a month, then this allows you to be able to break down when you know you have to have a product ready – or take a step to get something out that will work toward bringing in that money.

Once you’ve created the goals that are going to move you in the direction that you want to go, you’ll want to reinforce them.

Look over them once a day.

Put them in front of you to remind yourself that even if you don’t see huge changes overnight, these changes are happening as you reach these actionable goals.

And eventually, you’ll reach your goal and become successful.

Are you focused and clear on your goals?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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