Why Do You Want to Become a Network Marketer

I can remember being hesitant when a network marketing opportunity was presented to me. I said “no, I don’t think that’s right for me.”

But, I ended up saying yes.

When I think back, maybe I said yes out of not wanting to hurt my sponsor’s feelings or maybe I felt a bit guilty because she’d contacted me so many times.

Besides, I was looking for an online business opportunity and believed I would be successful, but as time passed, I started thinking that perhaps network marketing wasn’t really for me.

I realized, I didn’t really have a “why.”

Before you decide to join a network marketing opportunity, you need to seriously think about – Why Do You Want to Become a Network Marketer.


Family reading paperIs it For Your Family

As a result, you’re going to have to sacrifice a bit of family time. Instead of hanging out helping with homework and chores in the evenings, you’ll be devoting your time to growing your network marketing business.

This will include time spent following up with leads, demonstrating the products, learning and sharing the compensation plan, which can be done over the phone or in person.

You’ll also have home parties that you host or attend at a friend’s house.  So you’ll need to consider that although you’re starting your home-based business so your family can have a better life, you’ll each have to adjust to some changes.

Is It For Your Self

Perhaps your motivation for starting a network marketing business is purely for self.

Maybe you’re single or recently became an empty nester and have always wanted to have your own business.

Starting a network marketing business can be very rewarding.  It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and potentially develop life-long friendships.

Is It To Help Others Succeed

Maybe you’re someone who’s had a brick and mortar business and understand the value of having your own business and decided that you want to help others gain financial freedom.

Or it could be that you’re ready to change things up, sell the business and do something different.  Or it could be that you’re passing it down to your children.

You can use your skills and expertise to help others start and grow their own business.

Not only are you putting your business skills to work by helping others, but you’re also earning a source of residual income, which will allow you more time to help others.

Perhaps You Love Working With People

Maybe you’re someone who thrives in the presence of others. You’re what’s called a “people person.”

You just love people!

The desire to work with people is good reason as to Why You Want to Become a Network Marketer.

You get to meet new people, spend time getting to know them, along with helping them learn about your products or services. You’ll spend quality time enriching the lives of others and in turn, they enrich your life as well.

Is It The Promise Of Earning Great Money

While money is a deciding factor, you have to be fully prepared for the amount of time it’ll take to earn it.

Most professional network marketers will tell you to invest at least one year if not three into your business in order to build it successfully.

While everyone’s success is unique, you shouldn’t go into network marketing expecting to make thousands of dollars in a month.

That’s just unrealistic!

And if you’re sponsor tells you that you can make $5000 within a month or so, you need to find a different company and/or sponsor to work with.

The reality is that you’re starting a business – a real business.  It will take a lot of time and effort to grow your business and have it earn you substantial income.

What’s Next

Once you discover what your “why” is, you’ll find it becomes the answer for so many questions that a prospect might ask you.

When someone questions why you’d ever get into Network Marketing, you’ll have an answer to their question that will exhibit confidence and trust in what you are marketing.


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