What Does Your REAL Brand Image Look Like?

What does your REAL brand image look like?

You know I have to laugh at myself sometimes.  Just when I think I’ve found the look I want to represent me online, I start over.

I recently took some “professional” style photos for my new website (the one you’re on now) and social media outlets.  I use air quotes around the word professional because I’m actually the person that took my photos.

I’m the DIY type and since I didn’t have the money to hire a professional, I became my own professional.

Here are a few of the pictures from my self photoshoot.


Yeah, I did that! (fist bump)

But while I like the professional look, cause I want to be seen as a professional, I find that those images are just not me.  I mean, I’m professional in all that I do, but I want to portray a more causal style.

I live near the beach and would love to have some professional photos done, but again, can’t afford it right now.

So you know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to take my Nikkon camera and my personal photographer (my husband) and head out to the beach.

At times when we’re just getting started in business, we want everything to be just right.  We want everything to look so posh and professional, but my question is does it speak to who you are?

Is it your personality to rock a blue-haired mohawk and tats and have candid shots of you skateboarding, or perhaps your signature look would be candid images of you in a coffee shop because you love coffee?

Part of my description says I love cupcakes and the beach, so in sharing images that represent me, shouldn’t that be a part of my brand images?

If I met you in person, what part of you would you show me?

While there are many sides to us as individuals, what we want to get across to others is the “real us.”  What I want you to see in my photos is who I’d be in person if you met me.

As you work to construct your brand image, think about who you truly are and not what you think an online business person should look like.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else you see online.  

It’s perfectly okay to see someone else’s website and social media images and say, “I want mine to look just like that.”  But, what you’re really doing is identifying yourself through their image styles.

Simply jot down what you liked about their branding and how it resonates with you. List the image styles they’ve used, then go out and make your own.

They don’t have to be done by a professional.  The more personalized and amateur, the better – cause it’s the real you folks will see.

YOU are your brand! So share the real you and leave all the fancy stuff to those fancy folks. 😉

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