Stand Out With Video

Stand Out with Video

What if you had the ability to have more than 1 billion users visit your website each month.  Do you think it would have an impact on your sales?

What if you could have a visual platform outside of your website or blog where millions of people subscribed each day, would you use it? And what if I told you that this platform doesn’t cost a thing.

I’m pretty sure you’re impacted by this platform on a regular basis and don’t even know it.  What is it?  

It’s You Tube!  

On average, You Tube has 1 billion mobile video views a day, 1 billion visitors per month, and a million subscriptions every day.  

If you’re not using video to grow your business, you’re missing out one the most cost effective marketing tools on the internet.  Video is free to create and use and has the ability to grow your business at the click of a mouse.

Facebook Live is Dominating Video


The image above was posted on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg himself. I'm sure you've seen television commercials advertising the hottest thing inside of Facebook right now, which is Facebook Live video.  

It's projected that within the next nine years, Facebook will be made up of 90% video.  If you're not using video whether recorded or live, you're going to be left behind.  Video is fast becoming an integral part of marketing and growing your business.

The different styles of video creation

A lot of entrepreneurs fear video, because they think the only way to make a video involves standing in front of a camera.  This intimidates the most fearless of marketers, but it doesn't have to.  Below you'll discover four different ways of creating video that's effective for growing your brand and building your business.

Talking Head









We'll start with the most intimidating type of video - talking head.  Does the thought this make you cringe?  Wanna know the secret to overcoming your fear of doing a talking head video?  It's pretty simple actually - it's to start doing them.

Doing video is very freeing and the more you do them, the more comfortable you'll feel about doing them, presenting information, and showing the world who you are.

You can't just hit the record button and start rambling, you have to know how to script your video and all that means is you have an outline of what you want to discuss.  I often have an index card handy with bullet points when I make videos.  It helps me stay focused and on point.

Click here to download a free script outline that'll have you looking like a pro on camera in no time.  (this link will take you away from my website)

Don't let fear keep you from growing your business.  Start slow and build up your confidence and before you know it, you'll be an old pro.









Screen sharing means exactly what it says - you share your screen.  These videos are mostly used for tutorials and trainings, but they can also be used in conjunction with a talking head video.  In the image, you see me in the bottom right-hand corner.

I can easily switch between me talking and being full screen or I can just stay minimized in the corner.  This allows your viewer to see you, but it also takes off some of the pressure of being the only thing on the screen.

Screen sharing videos can be made using software programs like Camtasia, Screenflow, Final Cut Pro, and online programs such as Jing, and Snagit to name a few.









I love animated videos and that's because I love cartoons! 🙂  Animated videos have become a very popular method for marketing.  They come in a variety of different styles such as; character (like the image above), kinetic text, and whiteboard.

Animated videos capture and hold the attention of the viewer 153% more than regular talking head videos.  You can make animation-style video with the help of purchased programs like Explaindio and online programs like Powtoon and GoAnimate.










One of the easiest ways to create a video is by creating a slide show.  Software programs like Power Point and Keynote have a feature that allows you to export the file as a video file.

You can also create a video slideshow right inside of Facebook.  Simply upload your images, select a music track, set the time intervals between images, and kit the publish button.  Viola' instant video.

There's no reason you should be afraid of video or using it.  Here I've shared a variety of ways you can begin using video today.  Start  using the #1 tool that will grow your brand, business and bank account.