Shotgun Versus Sniper Marketing

I’ve never fired a shotgun before, but I have fired a 22.  I remember placing the butt of the rifle into my shoulder, getting a firm grip, then lining up the tree (my target) into my sights.

I gently squeezed the trigger and before I knew it, I’d fired a shot.  It was smooth and precise, unlike firing a shotgun.

If you’ve ever seen one of those tough guy movies where there’s a lot of shooting, you’ve probably seen one of them fire a shotgun. network marketing

It’s like you don’t even have to take aim, because the spray of bullets that come from a shotgun is going to hit whatever’s in the way.

Which brings me to this blog post – Shotgun Versus Sniper Marketing.

Again, back to the movies.  Have you seen the movie Sniper?  Well even if you haven’t, I’m sure you know a sniper has to be calm, calculated, and precise.

He has to take his time and line up the target in his sights.  He pays attention to things like wind direction and force, angle, distance, you name it.

Once everything is lined up precisely, he fires and usually doesn’t miss.

When it comes to building your network marketing business, which method are you using – the shotgun or sniper?


In the video below my friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos talks about the importance of using a more refined approach to finding and capturing leads when trying to build your network marketing business.



I’m assuming one of the reasons you decided to start your own home-based business was so you could spend more time doing the things you enjoy – like spending time with family and friends.

So is hanging outside the Mall or talking to strangers at Wal-Mart and coffee shops making the most of your valuable time?

Perhaps you’re following the advice of your upline and you’re going to talk to 10 people a day.

Thing is, those 10 people have to be convinced by you before they’ll even look at your opportunity.

Why not utilize online marketing techniques that have prospects coming to you?


If you’d like to learn how to apply the methods Ferny spoke about in the video to help you build your Network Marketing business by using the power of the Internet to sell and recruit, sign up for this 100% FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp by clicking right here!  

Learn how to make the most of your valuable time and resources.  That time you’re spending hanging outside of public places talking to strangers, who could care less about your opportunity, can never be replaced.

Start building and growing smarter – not harder!





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