How To Register A Domain Name


What is a Domain?

In simple terms, a domain is your home on the web.  It's your unique identifier, along with that of your website/blog.  It is a location that's unique to you on the internet.  It's a protocol or locator that people online will use to find your blog.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Domain Name

When choosing a domain you're going to need to think of a name and find an available extension.  An extension is the last part of the domain, such as .com, org, or .net.  There are many options and some are cheaper than others, but you're not going to want to go with just anything.

The name can go two ways. You can follow the safe route and choose a keyword-laden domain name, or go with something catchy that you hope takes off in a viral manner all across the web (think Yahoo, Google or Twitter).

Most online marketers usually only want to go with a dot com, dot org or dot net. A few will go with a dot info domain, but it's always best to find a dot com available in your niche because it's the default URL most people remember when they go online to visit a website.

What To Look For In A Domain Registrar

As you check out with your domain, many registrars will try to upsell you with all sorts of things, like hosting, privacy, site building tools and more.  You probably won't need any of these from your registrar, but if you do, you can always add them on later.

Look for a company that offers domain names with competitive pricing, account security, secure SSL certificates and WhoisGuard privacy protection service, and have the ability to manage as well as transfer domains.   You also want to look for excellent customer service and support.

I used to purchase my domains from GoDaddy but switched over to  I am very pleased with their services and find it's easy to manage their customer dashboard.

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