Leading with I and Not You

In a previous blog post titled: Have you tried Attraction Brand Marketing in your MLM Biz, I talked about attraction marketing and how effective it is in helping you grow your online business.

This blog post somewhat continues on with that discussion.

When we’re online, our first instinct is to connect with people based on what we can do for them. It’s what we’ve been told in crafting sales copy for years.

And in that respect – it works!

When you’re selling something, the customer is always thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

But this isn’t selling, is it?

Attraction branding is about developing and projecting an image for yourself – and then building relationships based on that foundation.

That means these people aren’t even letting you have a shot at helping them with their online business efforts until they know more about you. Are you worth investing time with?

Can you be trusted?

What helps people come to this conclusion is how you communicate online.

Nobody wants to read or hear sterile information. No third person “tip” articles like “5 Ways to Build an Online Business” that give a simple step by step strategy.

Anyone can do that.

Your prospects want to know how those 5 ways helped you build an online business.

So for example, let’s say you wanted to create a blog post about using Facebook to build a profitable MLM downline.

You could add the tip, but talk about some specific examples of times when you made a Facebook post and engaged your own audience.

What did you post about? How did your fans on Facebook react to it?

Did you ever fail with how you used a certain strategy?

Telling your story – showing that you have faults and aren’t perfect – actually resonates really well with people.

You could say, “I started out on Twitter spamming everyone on the site. It’s embarrassing to look back on it now, but I was just uninformed. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made – because it cost me a bunch of followers!”

All of this vulnerability and honesty you put out there on the web to show how far you’ve come allows people to form opinions about you.

They begin sharing things about you online to help you craft a reputation.

If you don’t control it through your own personalized content – someone else will.

Someone else will be putting the word out about what kind of person you are. You hope it’s someone who likes you – but what if it’s not?

Or what if it’s a competitor who decides to take you down a peg because you’re siphoning away too much of his business with your newfound branding system?

You want it to be hard for that to happen, which is why you need your audience to engage with you.

We’ll be discussing this in tomorrow’s post, so be on the look out for it.

What are some mistakes you’ve made online that you thought was good marketing?  Share in the comment section below.


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