How To Use Attraction Marketing To Grow Your Business

How To Use Attraction Marketing To Grow Your Business.  If you’re an Affiliate marketer, Internet marketer or a network marketing who’s growing their business online, one of the best marketing methods you’ll want to learn and master is that of – attraction marketing.

So what is attraction marketing, exactly?

Simply put, it’s a marketing method you use to attract prospects, leads, and customers to you.   And get this – they’re looking for you and not the other way around!

Let’s say you’re a Network marketer and you utilize the traditional methods of marketing your products or services.  You talk to strangers at the mall, coffee shop, and even Wal-Mart.

After spending time convincing them to look at your product or services, you then get on the phone and talk to them some

They decide they’ll take a closer look at your product or opportunity.  So now you’re in your car headed to meet them and speak with them once again.

Attraction marketing allows you get in front of your ideal customer.  So instead of you going to them, they’re actually coming to you.

Why is that?

It’s because they’re already looking for you and once they find you, decide they like and trust you, it’s then that they decide they want to work with you or buy from you.

You didn’t have to spend any time running around town, playing phone tag or having to go over the comp plan again and again before they said yes.

Let’s look at a few benefits of using attraction marketing to grow your business:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Allows you more time freedom
  • Exposes your products and/or services to more people
  • Works to grow your business 24/7
  • Brings your ideal prospect to you ready to buy


While the benefits of attraction marketing are many, there’s a method to doing it the right way.   Even I had to realize that even though I learned what attraction marketing is and how it can help grow my business, I didn’t fully understand how to put it into action.

Diane Hochman is an online marketing master and she has some amazing training that breaks down attraction marketing into it’s simplest form, but before I share that with you, take a look at how Diane explains How To Use Attraction Marketing To Grow Your Business



So let’s recap what Diane said.  This will apply to network marketers, but the basics of attraction marketing can be used in all online business models.  

  • Decide if you’re promoting a product or your biz opp
  • Lead with content and information that your ideal prospect is looking for.  Provide tips and tricks, solve a problem or provide a solution.
  • If you’re recruiting for your biz opp, provide info about your opportunity that can help them get more leads, produce more sales and grow their team.
  • If you’re promoting a product, you’ll want to provide helpful information about the product, associated problems and/or solutions surrounding that specific product.
  • Don’t make things complicated by having multiple websites and social media accounts.  Brand yourself.  It’s ideal to use your name and not the name of your product or the company you’ve partnered with.  Share helpful information without mentioning your product or service.
  • Follow up and close your ideal prospect using the traditional network marketing methods – a Skype call or over the phone.  If the person lives nearby, you can meet them in person.

Attraction marketing is an amazing online marketing method!  Start using it to grow your business and close more sales.

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