Have You Tried Attraction Brand Marketing in Your MLM Biz

The concept of multi level marketing (MLM) usually has a two-pronged system for success. You’ll see most people teaching you about building your downline and selling great products.

There’s nothing wrong with that approach – it’s perfectly fine and will most likely help you achieve a modest online income as a result of your efforts. But that’s not what you really want, is it?

…a modest income?

Chances are you want to be thriving – you want to be building wealth, not getting by with enough extra to pay your bills with.

There’s one system that most multi level marketers either don’t know about or ignore completely – and it’s the single element that can take decent earnings and convert them into riches.

You have to add a third prong to your online business building systems that’s known as Attraction Brand Marketing.

This isn’t based on the Law of Attraction – it’s a formidable strategy that you yourself set into motion and use to generate a flood of leads, loyal followers and a downline that can’t be beat.

Have You Considered Yourself as a Brand?

When most multi-level marketers hear the word “brand,” they think about major brands like Coca Cola or even the branding of the product they’re connected to and promoting in the MLM world.

But you have to remember that you’re conducting business online (for the most part, even though some of you might generate leads offline as well).

That means you have zero credibility and relationships with people who find you – until you form a bond with them.

You might have bonds with people on Facebook – like your long lost cousins, childhood friends, and close relatives. Those people know you in the real world – and they know you on a personal level.

With MLM, you have to take a complete stranger and somehow convince them to do business with you. A business relationship is often formed between a consumer and a brand.

Because you’re the liaison between the prospect and the MLM opportunity, you have to project yourself as the brand and allow the person to develop a relationship with you first.

What Branding Is – and Isn’t

How can you form a connection with your target audience?

One that makes them feel fierce loyalty to you where they’ll spread good word of mouth, help you achieve your goals, and work hard for you as they achieve their own?

Other seasoned marketers will teach you many technical strategies – like video marketing, blogging, podcasting and more.

They’re great at teaching the technical steps and talking about how your content can help you with search engine optimization.

But these technical steps are not what attraction brand marketing is all about.

It’s only part of it. Anyone can release a video. Anyone can slap up content on a blog or website. And anyone can record an audio file.

It takes a special person to be able to embrace the concept of branding for themselves – it takes a true leader who isn’t afraid to command the clout they need in the MLM world to draw the very best entrepreneurs to their downline.

While other marketers are out there paying for traffic and outsourcing tons of content to try to help them rank in the search engines, you can be leveraging the attraction brand marketing system to draw people to you (not drive them to you).

What does attraction branding mean?

It’s not hype.

It’s not hard selling.

Put those tools away in your arsenal for later use if you want.

Attraction means you present yourself online (as a brand) in a way that has people clamoring for more from you.

You make them addicted to you over time – they love your personality, they love your insight, and they love how real you are with them.

Branding with an attraction element in it helps make you visible to those who wouldn’t otherwise find your site online.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

When there’s a buzz created about you specifically – people flock to you like moths attracted to a light. There’s warmth and comfort in the message you’re guiding with – and people respond to that and want to be around it.

So now it’s time to look at ways that you can become an attractive brand in the multi level marketing world.

Discover an easy way to recruit people into your MLM business online that’s rejection free without wasting your time and money chasing dead beat prospects and leads.


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