eCover Services

Digital eCovers can help you grow your mailing list.

What will make or break your list building campaign is the appearance of your lead generation offer.  And remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.   You can use an old-fashioned flat design or a professional looking ecover.  Below you'll find an assortment of designs that are sure to suit your style needs.  Let me create one for you today!

Paperbacks, books, reports, folders, notebooks, spiral bound covers are $25

Best Choice For: Reports, ebooks, and workbooks

Electronic covers which includes iPad, tablet, smart phone, iPhone, laptops, CD, DVD, CD/DVD, Televisions, monitor, video or projector covers $35 

Best Choice For:  eCourses, blogs, websites, ebooks


Bundled designs which include 2-5 of any type of cover design is $65  

Best Choice For:  Digital courses, eCourses, add professional appearance to products & services



Confused about choosing a design?

Simply email me with your questions and I'll get in touch or we can  video chat using one of the following platforms:  Facebook chat, Zoom or Skype and discuss which design will suit your needs.