How To Start Building Your WordPress Website


WordPress CMS

WordPress is a great option for people wanting to start their blog.  It can seem daunting at first, but once you get past your fears and find a good set of tutorials, you'll have the confidence it requires to create a WordPress blog with ease.

There are technical installation steps to intimidate you, aesthetic issues to consider, search engine optimization strategies to address and content creation to intimidate you, but the more you work with WordPress, the easier it gets.

By creating a WordPress blog, you're setting up a home for your brand on the Internet.  Don't think that the entire setup has to be done in a day.  You can make a blog go live as you customize it and allow your visitors to see the changes along the way.   What matters most is that you get started.

So what exactly is WordPress CMS?  CMS stands for content management system, which is basically a system that organizes your digital content.

Your content can be sorted into categories, pages, posts, and structured in the manner you desire.  The WordPress content management system makes it easy to do with it's drag and drop functionality.

How To Install WordPress

In order to start your new blog, you'll need to first have a domain name and hosting account. Some people simply register a WordPress blog on but the problem with that is that you're then at the mercy of other people.

You don't want to wake up one day and see that your hard work has been deleted by an overzealous moderator of some sort. So host your WordPress blog on your own domain where you have total control. 

There are two very different ways you can install WordPress.  You can install manually, which requires a lot more technical effort on your part, but is more secure.  The other is quick and easy, done inside of your hosting cpanel and takes less than 3 minutes.   The method you use depends upon your level of knowledge and comfort.

WordPress Themes

Once your WordPress blog is installed on your domain, it's time to start customizing it for your business.  Themes are what gives your WordPress website it's unique appearance.  You don't want to leave the default theme intact - they tend to look impersonal and unprofessional.

You can either opt for a free WordPress theme or invest in a premium level theme, which you'll have to pay for.  Premium themes are usually clean and more search engine optimized than the freebies and the developers usually update them whenever there's a major upgrade to WordPress.

There are many places on the web to find premium WordPress themes.  I've used iThemes and Studiopress in the past.  But my favorite place to find premium themes is Creative Market.  They have a large assortment of themes, fonts, graphics, and more to help you create a custom branded look for your website.

Monstera is being used by this Website

WordPress Plugins

A plug in for your WordPress blog is like a little tweak to make your blog perform better (in some cases) or do something an ordinary blog can't do.   As an entrepreneur, you'll have different needs for WordPress plugins than someone blogging for pure entertainment reasons.

Plugins can do a variety of  things to enhance your blog, but you should be aware that plugins have the ability to mess up your blog, too.  A plugin that's not maintained or upgraded can have bugs that wreak havoc, cause malfunctions, and leave you exposed to security hacks.  Which is why it's extremely important to always perform upgrades.

You'll find some WordPress plugins are free and some are considered premium and require you to purchase them.  Some can be purchased with a one-time fee, while some require a yearly subscription.

Plugins can be used to add video, images, automate comments, arrange text as well as other elements on your blog.  The ones you choose to install will greatly depend on their functionality and how they'll be used to grow your business.

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