4 Ways To Get Noticed as an Internet Marketer

The Internet has become flooded with online marketers.  I can remember when there were just a handful of people talking about online marketing on Youtube.

So how do you stand out and get noticed online?  So glad you asked my friend!

In this blog post, I share 4 ways to get noticed as an Internet Marketer. 

#1 Start Using Video

Using video as part of your marketing strategy allows your audience to get to know, like, and trust you.  By watching your videos, they learn who you are, get an idea of your values, about your life, whether you have kids or fur babies, etc.

They also get a feel for your personality.

I actually found myself watching a young lady’s videos on Youtube and instantly feel in love with her.  No, not like that!  I’m saying she really resonated with me.  I felt so drawn to her and so comfortable.  We had so much in common.  It was like we were kindred spirits.

It might surprise you, but someone might watch your videos and feel the same way about you!  If you’re new to video marketing, here’s a simple video script formula that outlines how to structure and brand your videos.  

Video marketing is an amazing tool to help you gain exposure and grow an audience of customers who want to soak up all your knowledge and will come to know you as a valuable resource.

#2 Engage on Social Media

Choose a social media platform that you’re most comfortable with using.  Honestly, I don’t agree with the need to be on multiple social media sites, because when you’re new to internet marketing it can be overwhelming to keep up with all of them.

It’s also a good idea to choose the social media platform where your customer avatar is likely to be hanging out.  I’ve noticed a lot of people on my Instagram account will follow me, but won’t engage with me, but the people who follow me on Facebook do.

Speaking of engagement – Don’t just create a social media account and go hang out quietly.  That’s what’s called “lurking.” There’s nothing wrong with lurking, but it won’t help you reach your goals.

Make sure you engage with other people on social media.  

Sign up to Facebook groups and engage with other members. Comment on their posts and help them whenever possible. You can answer questions and provide encouragement, and be a source of inspiration.

You goal is to provide value.  In turn, you’ll be branding yourself as an excellent leader.

#3 Start a Blog

Some seem to think blogging is dead, but having a blog is your address on the web – your own little spot of internet real estate.

Having a blog is a landing page for you brand. 

People come to your blog and from there they can learn more about you.  And when you share helpful information, they’ll continue to come back to learn more.

Your blog also provides a space for you to advertise your products and/or services.  It’s a good rule of thumb to blog at least once a week, but for optimal exposure, you should post a new blog every day.

I try to batch process my blog posts and schedule them to go out at a later date.  This process makes it much easier to keep up with blogging.

#4 Share Free Information

At the end of the day, your goal as an internet marketer is to make money.  But everything you do online can’t be centered around the dollar bill.


Because when you focus on the money, you’re focusing on you.  

Your goal in sharing information online should be to help others.  So start by sharing free information.

This blog post you’re reading is free.  Watching videos at CynthiaDixonOnline.com/videos is free.

Sharing free information allows you to lead with value, but not only that, it helps you to be brand yourself as an authority in your niche.  It also demonstrates that you’re sincere in your desire to help others.

So there you have it – 4 ways to get noticed as an Internet Marketer.


In what ways are you standing out and getting noticed as an Internet Marketer?  Share them using the comment section below.





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